April 4, 2020

#StayHome Corona Days Tips

It’s my third week of social distancing (or as I call it “physical distancing” as a more accurate term). I’m slowly adapting and getting into the new flow of this staying-in lifestyle we are suddenly globally faced with.

This has become my favorite corner in my house where I spend most of my time.

Here, I’ve put together a list of things I find useful to help me these days:

Waking up early (8-9am) so I can be productive in the day & crash earlier

Not checking social media the moment I open my eyes & starting the day with meditation & prayer, this makes all the difference in my day.

1 hour of exercise or yoga daily.
I bought myself some sports equipment (dumbbells, a kettlebell, jump rope) from wayupsports.com . You can also find at www.noon.com & www.souq.com .
I’m sticking to #BefitAtHome home workouts posted daily on Befit’s instagram account
I’m also doing my ashtanga yoga self-practice when I can. You can find lots of tutorials online. Also check out Sarah Abdelmoneim’s Instagram account for live yoga session. Yoga is truly magic

Eating healthy. Trying to avoid junk and stress eating. Buying healthier snacks. Sticking to more foods that boost immunity. Check Aya Ragheb’s video on nutrition that boosts immunity.

NOT GOING OUT. After everything I’ve read this is the best thing to do. Only short trips to the supermarket. 

Wearing something nice at home, putting some makeup on, it makes a difference

Music at home is always a great idea. Check out this very cool website and click on any green dot on the globe to get the streaming of the local radio station any where in the world! http://radio.garden/

Writing a daily to do list so the day doesn’t drag (thank you for this idea Alive Egypt)

Rearranging seating places around the house. Finding new spots to sit & work at home other than my regular ones (balconies etc)

Checking the news once or twice a day maximum for a total of 30 minutes. 
Sticking to credible news sources ONLY. Please check the accuracy of the websites and news sources and authors of shared notes. So much bullshit is circulated these days

Muted WhatsApp groups. I check them when I have the energy.

Mediating. Again. I use these guided meditations on www.meditationoasis.com .
Zikr & prayer help a lot too

Reading Reading Reading


I hope we can all stay home safe and pass this phase with as much peace as we can



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