December 2, 2020

Dinner with Nine Crimes

I was recently invited to a lovely intimate girls dinner with the cool upcoming brand Nine Crimes.

Sandra Rizk, the fun and creative designer behind the brand, sent us the invitation package and with it a letter telling us how the idea came about; she was feeling overwhelmed and uninspired the past year with everything happening around, then one day she saw one of the girls who were invited to this dinner and got the idea; why not design a collection of outfits inspired by certain women who inspire her, and send each one the outfit to wear to an intimate dinner. And that is what she did.

Each one of us received a package with a  custom-made outfit and I was happy to be among this group.


An intimate dinner with a group of young inspiring Egyptian women, sharing food & drinks in an elegant and warm setup at Aperitivo’s private dining area.


We dined shared laughs and specials moments all in our Nine Crimes outfits.

Actress and model Tara Emad

Stylist Gehad Abdallah

Nine Crimes designer Sandra Rizk

Makeup artist Aya Abdel-Hamid  and actress Huda Elmufti


Tara Emad

Gehad Abdallah

Model Zayneb Azzam 

Aya Abdel-Hamid

Stylist and model Caro Doss

Blogger Farah Hosny

Thank you Sandra. To many many more lovely nights <3



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