September 22, 2020

Azza Fahmy Jewelry & Talented Egyptian Women shot via FaceTime

During the lockdown months of COVID-19 everything was on hold, and businesses were changing to accommodate the situation at hand, which meant in terms of photography we had to find alternatives to our traditional photoshoots.

I had the pleasure of teaming up with Azza Fahmy Jewelry to shoot some of Egypt’s finest young talented Egyptian women, all through FaceTime ;  an experience I found different, challenging and fun.

To prepare for the shoot, the Azza Fahmy team and I contacted the women we will shoot, arranged where they would prefer the shoot to be, told them what will be needed, then the jewelry was sent to their locations in Egypt and Scotland.

On the day of the shoot I called each via FaceTime and during the call we picked the best place to shoot. I guided them where to place their phone, how to pose and where to look and as they did I took screenshots of them.  After the shoot I edited the screenshots/images using both Photoshop and an iPhone App and here are the results.


Musician Mirelle Mokhtar 


Artist Nour Kamel 



Photographer Coucla Refaat




Photographer Bilo Hussein 




Environmentalist/Artist Mona Elkateb



Musicians The Ayoub Sisters

shot in Scotland 



Fashion Blogger Radwa Elziki (Zedified)



Musicians Doly Farid & Lily Farid 



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